A Large - Early - Very Original Painting by Willie Daniels - Florida HIGHWAYMEN Artist

~~   $2250   ~~

~~~~~~  A Classic 'RIVER  BEND' on UPSON Board  ~~~~~~

 An EARLY 'WILLIE'... from the late 1960s on 'UPSON' -  24" x 36" - Overall Framed ~ 27" x 39"

With the Classic Original 'HIGHWAYMEN' Frame... complete with the original the nails!

DOUBLE Signed... W. Daniels  


We are downsizing... and some of our 'Select' Highwaymen paintings will be for sale. To view our Highwaymen paintings (well over 100) throughout the INN...

Just GOOGLE... heroncay !  Be sure to visit: 'Tour Our Rooms' to see many of the 'Highwaymen' hanging around!

We have been purchasing 'Highwaymen' paintings since the early 1990s... Not to Sell, but for our personal collection. We did not buy ''Ho Hum' art !! 

Therefore... Our prices are NOT 'STEALS'!!  But they are FAIR!  The 'Collector Quality' of our paintings is the 'BEST'!!


Choosing which paintings to 'part with' is very hard; since we purchased these paintings because we liked them... not to just 'FLIP', like most of the EBAY sellers do

However, We STILL do purchase exceptional paintings! Below is our Newest... a 'Couch Size' Alfonso Moran... 'N.F.S.' 

And my Favorite! A 30"" x 40" Robert Butler... An Anhinga, in its classic pose... Drying its Wings... 'N.F.S.' 

If you have any questions, email Highwaymen@type356.net... OR visit our web site... www.HeronCay.com  

'Local' Florida delivery may be Possible... and preferred !   

THANK YOU for 'Looking-In'

February 7th, 2017