Our First KIDS...

Our Beloved BORZOI Pair...

Jade      &      Star

Lady Jade left us July 26, 2003... She was 8 years and 6 months young...

and now, Super Star is also gone... March 22, 2005...

7 weeks after surgery to remove a four pound cancerous tumor on his spleen.

Star was 10 years and 5 months young...


The Background on this page is Lady Jade at 9 months... chasing Super Star, who was 3 months... on their All Time FAVORITE place to be... 'The SANDBAR'!!


Star with his buddy, Kalif, during his last years and days... Both together... 2 days before he left us All...


Now on to Happier DAYS!!

We now have 4 Wonderful 'Zoi' KIDS in our Family...

Kalif, our 3rd Zoi: At six months, meeting 'Cousin' Super Star... August, 2003.

They were the 'Bestest' of BUDDIES until Star left us...

For MORE of Star and Kalif together, including ALL of August, 2004, in the Bahamas with US... and the 5 'KITTIES'!!

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Star's passing on March 22, 2005, left an awesome Void for Margie and I, but ALSO for KALIF!!

On March 30, Anastasia joined our family!!

Kalif and 'Stasia' MEET!!

She was 18 months old... And 110% Full of LOVE!! She just turned 4 Years September, 30th... And STILL all LOVE!!

For MORE of Anastasia ( Our 'Stasia' ) and 'Friends'...

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               Since we knew Super Star would be leaving Us soon... we had been in touch with Jade's and Star's                      Breeder, hoping to locate a Puppy from their 'Family' Tree!!

This was done, and outside Jackson, Mississippi, on February 25, 2005, KatZ Enchanted Blue Darla entered this World...

At One Week!

Darla with her sister and brothers... At the BAR!


at 3  and  4  Weeks

at 6 Weeks!!


On May 3rd, the Whole Group loaded aboard the Coach: Kalif & Stasia and the 5 Kitties... Abby, Foxy, Guana, Jack and Scotty, and we all left for Mississippi to MEET Darla!

Margie and Darla MEET!


Darla says 'Bye' to her 'Buddies'!!

 Mikey the 'Cat'

And a last meal with her Brothers and Sister...

And Now off to her New Home!

A nice, comfy spot for the ride back!

Kalif helped with the driving...

While Darla and Stasia helped with the Navigating!

and Scotty kept the Seat Warm!

Darla adjusted Extremely well to the Coach!!

Stasia and Darla get better acquainted on the ride back!

I really Like having a Little Sister!!

She's Really CUTE!

For More of DARLA... and 'Friends'... Please Click on:

'Darling DARLA'


Then in January, 2007, a 4th, Wonderful, Loving Borzoi Girl joined our Family...



~~~ Last updated October 22, 2007 ~~~